Adapt X.1

Adapt X.1


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Adapt supports your body balance with natural compounds found in early growth corn grass called six methoxybenzoazenate or 6MBOA.

These all natural compounds are micronized and encapsulated in pure water for maximum absorption in the body.

Water Delivery

Micronized ingredients encapsulated in water have a much higher absorption rate than traditional capsules.

The simple spray delivery and subtle taste makes it easy for the entire family to enjoy.

capsules to swallow and at the same time maximum delivery to the body
brings the best results to anyone who wants the benefits of Adapt X.1

All Natural Ingredients

With only 3 all natural ingredients you can't
go wrong. Adapt X.1 contains an exclusive extract of natural zea mays
(baby corn grass), purified water, and an all natural orange flavor as a

We believe God did everything the right way, all we need to do is give our body the right tools!

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Ingredients, Allergies and Side Affects

The key compound is derived from monocots – “monocot”
is a descriptor used for certain plants based on the way they breed. The
monocot family is comprised of cereal grains, onion, leek, garlic
family, 20,000 orchids, bananas, bamboos etc. Currently, the compounds
used are extracted from
Zea mays, which is a variety of corn.

are no allergens transferred meaning you cannot have an allergic
reaction to Adapt. There is no mold, virus, spores, or anything that
causes an allergic reaction carried over after extraction.

monocots are harvested in their infancy, where specific adaptogenic
polyphenols are present in the plants. These Adaptogenic polyphenols
protect the young plant against insects, mold, viruses, and bacteria.

There are no known side affects with Adapt X.1 after 5 years.

Children and Animals

What about kids and animals? Is it safe?

short answer is, yes. Adapt is safe for any age. There is nothing in the
compound that will cause problems. It’s basically food – the
extracted compounds are found in food.

Organic and Non-Gmo

Adapt is grown organically. It is certified non-GMO, while organically
grown it has not yet been certified organic. The water is purified. It
goes through a process where in every impurity is taken out. In Adapt,
the purified water clusters form around the adaptogenic polyphenols.

Return Policy

Adapt has a 60-day money back guarantee. We recommend that you try Adapt
for 60 days. If you don’t receive any results within 60 days, we will
issue you a refund.